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Electronic Press Kit

Known (/nōn/) - to be recognized, understood, or validated.

Jeremiah 29:11

KNOWN, Mpls is an audition-based, Twin Cities community youth choir under the direction of Courtland Pickens. The choral ensemble was established, in the later part of 2019, as an extension of Voicez, Inc., a 501C, non-profit music organization striving to train and develop the next generation of singers and composers throughout the Twin Cities Area. We utilize performance-based music education to galvanize youth between the ages of 12-25 as agents of change by promoting self-esteem, leadership

skills, cultural awareness, discipline and a commitment to excellence

In the choir’s short time in existence, Known has opened in concert for Grammy award-winners LeAndria Johnson and PJ Morton, and nominees, Jonathan McReynolds and Vanessa Bell Armstrong. Known has performed alongside the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra at The Ordway Theater as well as The Armory. Known has recorded music with Lil Jamez and Darnel Davis and the Remnant.





Virtual Concert

August 2020

Minneapolis, MN

Virtual Concert

August 2020

Minneapolis, MN

They are just phenomenal!!

-Dana Brewington

Now that’s how you teach music 🎶. Excellent job with your community choir

-Angela Stewart

"They sound amazing! What a wonderful instructor you are!!"

-Angela Shackleford

"This is amazing!! Wish I was in this choir as a youth. They’re blessed."

-Ashley Dubose

"I loved every moment of it! So glad you are giving them the opportunity to be in a safe environment to be artistic! It's amazing to watch!"

-Tesa Johnson


“It is very important to me that we train the next generation of singers & songwriters. Music can be very uplifting, a stress reliever, can bring peace, and also bring a community together! Gospel music heals, and it is my hope that through my music, our community can be healed. I hope to empower youth to follow their dreams by teaching them how to find their voice.”

-Caleb Richardson

I have always been a bit insecure about my voice because my voice can get really deep when I sing... until yesterday my director really boost my confidence about my low register! It’s only been a few months and he’s taught me so much! 

-Camaja Byrd

I actually really love singing in my brother’s choir. I never thought it would be this awesome. I’m not even talking just about the voice. It’s really teaching me how to stay committed and getting me ready for other things in the future. Also, i’ve made so many new friends my age in this choir who feel the same way about god like I do. We pray together, we have fun together, we cry together, we eat together, and we sing together. We be city girls together . Thanks for the opportunity period Courtland Deon Pickens
Sincerely, City Girl Alto.

-Shaquanda Young




Now accepting bookings! To book Known for an event please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

PHONE: 612.405.0377 EMAIL: booking@knownmpls.com