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Courtland Pickens

As you may know, I started this choir only a year and a half ago. What you didn't know was that I also was training them in their craft as solo singers and songwriters!

This concert is the launch of KNOWN ELITE, featuring the next generation of Minneapolis Soloists! Prepare to be knocked off your feet. I couldn't be more proud of this group of vocalists! It has been a privilege and joy to journey with them through their development as (vocalists, singers, artists)

Minneapolis, get ready. 

They got NEXT!

Special thanks to the phenomenal artists who coached and mentored our young people for this concert: Kennadi Hurst, Dezaray Lane, and Javarus Thomas. You all were exceptional! Also, a huge thank you to the parent volunteers we had: Corey & Treka Frazier, as well as Fred & Anika Steele. Your consistent help is such a gift. Last but certainly not least, to the love of my life, my wife MJ Pickens, thank you for all that you do to make life easier for me. You are my rock! 






"City Girl Alto"